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At Gen2Gen Cincinnati we are part of a national Gen2Gen movement focused on tapping the talent of adults to help youth thrive. Using innovative technology, we connect people with ways to help that align with their interests. We support local youth-serving organizations by making it easy to discover their ways to help and providing a platform to share the successes of their volunteers and youths.

We are continuously inspired by our experiences in Greater Cincinnati, with its dynamic mix of older adults, young professionals, and youth. We are also driven by Cincinnati’s rank as having the sixth highest childhood poverty rate in the nation, with nearly 100,000 children in the region living in households that are below the poverty level. We know that countless adults in our region are driven to action by these numbers, too. They are looking for ways to employ their wisdom, experience, and understanding to help make sure all our local kids are seen and supported. Thankfully, dozens of youth-serving organizations in our region tackle the needs associated with children in poverty, and others address the academic, artistic, social and emotional needs of our children and youth. At Gen2Gen Cincinnati, our goal is to transform the interest of adults in our region into action by connecting them with ways to help in our community that match their passion. Together, we can exponentially expand the impact of our fantastic local youth-serving organizations.

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