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Inspiring Service is proud to launch "Generation to Generation Cincinnati" as an important initiative of its "Encore Cincinnati" program. Encore.org is building a movement to tap experienced adults to improve communities and the world. Founded in 1998 by social entrepreneur Marc Freedman, Encore.org grew out of a desire to transform America's increasing longevity and vitality — one of the most significant demographic shifts of the 21st century — into a powerful, positive resource to build a better future for future generations.

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Who We Are

Through Inspiring Service, Encore Cincinnati’s mission is to create an inviting environment for people entering their "encore" careers, channeling the talents and passions of Cincinnatians who are 50 or better towards second acts that serve a social purpose and connecting like-minded adults in ways that build their encore community.

Generation to Generation Cincinnati, an initiative of Encore Cincinnati, is a regional innovation partner that supports the national Gen2Gen campaign to mobilize one million adults over the age of 50 to improve the lives of children in our country.

National Partners

National lead partners in the Movies & Mentors contest are:

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Strive for College
The Village to Village Network

The Gen2Gen campaign has 125 other partners, all working to help kids thrive.
Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors is funded through the generous support of The Eisner Foundation.